Commission Illustrations from Lou!

Whether you just want a drawing of Cy-Boar or an ornate fully colored story involving elves in a drugstore, Lou wants to draw it for you!!


1. By purchasing a commission, you are not purchasing the copyright to the artwork, you are purchasing the actual, original piece of art, unless otherwise specified. Please contact me if the image will be reproduced in any way. This includes use on posters, t-shirts, flyers, or any other limited or mass production items. Special commission rates will apply due to sale of copyright; ask for more details when ordering.

I gladly do art based off of real people, comics, television, film, video games or anime, and I can easily familiarize myself with the ones I don’t know too much about.

3. I also do original artwork based on your own characters or characters I’ve designed. If the character is of your own design, I’ll need the following information from you:

A. A detailed description of the character’s personality: The personality of the character is the heart and soul of the illustration. Please make it as thorough as possible.

B. A description of the character’s clothing and weapons: You may be asked for references if I have never heard of the objects in question. Most people requesting an illustration of their online personas and characters already have a vague image in their mind of what they’re looking for. Answer these questions: What’s the characters build? Are they short, tall, or in-between? How about their hair? Is it wild or straight, Long or short? Are there any physical attributes which make them unique? Do you have any specifics in mind for their costume? Even a vague picture is helpful. All information you can provide is very much needed and appreciated. If you have any drawings of the character already, I would appreciate a copy for reference.

C. What do you want the illustration to show your character doing? What emotions do you want represented through the artwork? Please use as much graphic description as possible, and if at all possible try to include a rough sketch of the pose you have in mind. Even a simple stick figure could help.

4. I reserve the right to refuse any commission based on content, time restraints, pending projects, or personal reasons.

5. I will then sketch a rough draft for your piece, e-mail it to you, and wait for your approval before continuing. This is the best way for both of us to be sure you’ll be happy with the finished product.

6. Simple illustrations are finished on white 8.5″x11″ paper, but other requests (such as paintings or comic art) are usually done on other materials. If you have a specific paper or board you want, please let me know.

7. Before starting larger commissions, I ask for a small down payment. This is to ensure further payment and help pay for necessary supplies. The remaining portion is paid when the illustration is complete.

8. If you decide halfway through that you’re unhappy with how the illustration is progressing, you always have the option to drop out of the deal. Please be reminded that any down payment will not be refunded.

9. Once the illustration is completed it’s your obligation to follow through with the final half of the payment. So please be sure you’re happy before I begin the final draft.

10. Payment must be received within two weeks of completion in order to receive it and retain all rights you hold to the artwork.


Prices are negotiable and subject to change. Do you have a deal in mind? Ask, and we’ll work something out. I am able to work within your budget!

Shipping is extra, but I only charge my clients the actual mailing cost, not any “handling fees”.