This page has a lot going on. I don’t think you will see many comics with four scenes and one time lapse sequence all on one page! I’m not saying that this is necessarilly good storytelling, but pacing is a big issue to me. I like to keep things moving. I’ve read lots of other comics where page after page, nothing happens. As you’ll see, Cy-boar isn’t like that. The pacing will usually be more reasonable than this, once I get past these first origin sequences.

I am uploading this weeks pages from my office. I am having major problems uploading from my home computer. The Tech Support guy for my ISP said that we have a weak signal. (Which means that I can SOMETIMES get online VERY SLOWLY.) It’s possibly ice or corrosion on our cable. I checked out my connections, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. They will send out a service tech on Tuesday, so hopefully it will be all straightened out before my next update.

-Lou Graziani 3-10-05