The image above is the cover for Cy-Boar issue #1, the beginning of this series. I first drew a cover for this story way back in 1989, before drawing the story. As I gradually drew this tale, the I got a little better. So, after I was done with the final page, I thought the original cover looked terrible. So I drew this version.
Years later, in 1999, I was involved in an internet comic book company that wanted to publish Cy-Boar online. At that time I reworked and revised this cover image. Unfortunately, that company fell through and Cy-Boar never made it online…. Until now.

This site will chronicle my Cy-Boar series of comics. As I mentioned above, I started drawing this character and his adventures back in 1989, when I was a sophmore in High school. At that time, I had been drawing a Ninja Turtles based comic for my friends called “Trans-Dimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. A bunch of my friends were interested in drawing comics at the time. My younger brother and one of his middle school friends came up with a 6 page story about this “Cy-Boar” character. FOr some reason which I now forget, I thought it would be a good idea to redraw their story and expand upon it.

After I drew that first story, I kept drawing Cy-Boar comics through the rest of high school years, through college and into the present. These stories are usually a sideline to whatever else I am doing in life. Usually Cy-Boar’s latest adventure is relegated to a sketchbook that I only work on when I’m in an airplane or on a roadtrip.

This site will collect all of these Cy-Boar tales, in full color for the first time. I will also rework the text and lettering to make it all easier to read.

Please check back here every THURSDAY and come along for the journey!

-Lou Graziani 2-05