Dramatis Personae (Cast of Characters)

If you are a new reader to this story, the following visual guide to the characters will help you get to know the various characters in the world of Cy-Boar.

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Cy-BoarAn ordinary boar who was taken into

a secret government research facility and experimented on. These experiments and military training molded Cy-Boar into a deadly weapon. Cy-Boar realized that he was being controlled though, and broke free…Now, he is trying to figure out where he belongs in this world. He thinks like a human, but can’t live among them. He looks like a boar, but is no longer one of them – no place, no home, and no one to go back to. So far, he values the Project’s other experiments as potential friends and is trying to find and help them.In addition to his skills, Cy-Boar is equipped with titanium armor plating, a multi-spectral camera-eye, grappling hook, computer interface and other cybernetic gadgets.


A squirrel was caught in a trap and found by the scientists at the Project.
In a story very similar to Cy-Boar’s, Squirrel was genetically altered and trained in a number of military skills. The scientists tried to brainwash him, but Squirrel resisted their brainwashing and escaped into the surrounding forest. After staying out of sight for a long time, he finally revealed his existence to several humans in a remote bayou swamp and befriended them.

He found Cy-Boar unconscious and near death in a swamp and convinced his human friends to aid the big guy. He has remained Cy-Boar’s friend since then.


A Major General (2 star)

In the US Army, Trevor is in charge of “The Project”. the top-secret R & D facility that produced Cy-Boar

and many other innovations of questionable morality.

Trevor doesn’t care whether the US is fighting Communism

or Terrorism. He firmly believes that animals are

the future of warfare. Without direct approval

from Washington, he has put much of his budget into

the creation and

training of his genetically altered animals. Currently,

he is testing many different animals to determine

which will make the most effective warfighters.


A lifetime military man, Trevor first got the

idea for these animal warriors while on a recon

patrol back in Nam. His squad was pinned down by an

enemy machine gun nest. They would have been mowed

down if

they had left their cover, but they would have been

surrounded if they waited there too long. Trevor strapped

dynamite to a nearby water-buffalo and sent it toward

the enemy gun. The enemy didn’t suspect the bovine

and were blown to smithereens. After this encounter,

Trevor remained convinced that animals could some day

do all of the fighting for man.

He hopes to soon unveil his creations and be awarded

the Nobel peace prize for his contribution to keep

humans out of the wars of the future. (Trevor is, of

course, delusional.)


Dr.HudenpolThe world’s foremostresearcher in genetic modification, Dr. Hudenpol wanted his genetic

experiments to benefit science. Unfortunately,

his secretive financial backers were only interested

in the military applications of his research. At

their direction, he concentrated his research

for 35 years on the mapping and manipulation

of DNA. He was the lead scientist on The Project.



was shut down, Hudenpol put his careeron the line to secure a safe home for the animals who had been genetically

modified. It cost him his job, but he was able to set up a remote wildlife

preserve for animals to live on in peace, if any of them could have been

brought in alive…

After his dreams of a peaceful mutated animal preserve fell through, Hundenpol

bitterly retired, wanting nothing more to do with his past research.

Although people often think Hudenpol is of German

ancestry, he was actually born in Britian

and now resides with his wife and two young sons in Atlanta, GA after

retiring from The Project.


FarmerJeb BrownAGood-Ol-Boy who fondly remembers the Great Depression

and tries his best to tend the fields of his small


Jeb and his wife are retired and live on his

small pension and army benefits. Although his

wife would like to move to Florida, Jeb stubbornly

refuses to leave his small farm.


RazortoothA cougar who was foundmauled by a bear. Like Cy-Boar he was genetically

modified as part of the “Project”. Although

Razortooth doesn’t have any robotic enhancements

like Cy-boar does, he has been modified to grow “Saberteeth”,

just like his genetic ancestors. He also sometimes wears high-heat

Thermo-claws (another weapon developed at The Project).

Cyber-Claw claims that he killed Razortooth, but

this claim has not been verified.

TheGunny Bears

Several small bears

who were among the first successful animal warriors

at the Project. They were also the first to escape.



Bears are MINOR characters and will probably never be seen again.)


TheTwin Ninja HawksTwin birds trainedin martial arts, they were given a mission to track

and eliminate Cy-Boar. When they realized that he

wasn’t “evil” they befriended him and gave up their


(The Hawks are MINOR characters and

will probably never be seen again.)



Born into a very poor

family in the southern Louisiana swamps, Jill was

very bright and excelled in her one room school house

enough to get a full scholarship to college,

where she studied veterinary medicine.

However, Jill put her studies on hold when her grandfather, her only surviving relative, became ill. She returned

to the swamp to take care of him. There the

two of them met Squirrel, and later Cy-Boar.

Unfortunately, Cyber-Claw tracked the renegade

mutants to the LeBanc house and killed Jill

for her classified knowledge of these exotic



Pa(Remy LeBlanc)A small-time fisherman,Remy lived all his life

inthe southern Louisiana swamps. He had to give up

his fishing business when he contracted

a rare form of “swamp fever” and couldn’t work. Near

death, his granddaughter Jill moved in to

care for him.

During his slow recovery, they met

Squirrel, and later Cy-Boar. Unfortunately, Cyber-Claw

tracked the renegade mutants to the LeBanc

house and killed Pa for his classified knowledge

of these exotic creations.


Cyber-ClawAlong with developinggenetically modified animals, The “Project” also

developed tactical implants for humans. These modified

humans were often trained with the animals to determine

if the exotic animals were any more effective in

combat situations than a human would be.

Cyber-Claw was the first of these experimental cyborgs

to be approved for use in combat situations. Behind

the fancy armor, Cyber-Claw is Sgt. Raymond Escobedo,

a decorated special forces soldier with Airborne

and SEAL training. Once mastering his new implants,

Raymond came to think of himself as a monstrous

killing machine. Cyber-Claw preferred to viciously

maul opponents with his retractable climbing claws,

rather than use his powerful

arm-mounted cannons. His superiors admired his killer

attitude, but didn’t realize how



he had become. Cyber-Claw was killed in a poorly-planned brawl against Cy-Boar which he could have easily won if he had remembered his years of training.


John One of the scientists

at The Project, John and his team are in charge of

finding and recovering appropriate sample specimens.

They recovered a wounded boar that was turned into

Cy-Boar. They also found Squirrel caught in a trap,

and rescued farmer Jeb Brown when he was trapped

in rubble beneath his destroyed home.



The head of Miami’s

underground crime syndicate, “Sylvio Quintero” has

his hands in a range of illegal activities including

drug smuggling, racketeering, bookmaking, weapons

smuggling, protection, robbery, arson and murder.


very careful “businessman”, Mr. Q has no criminal

record and is very careful to avoid creating

a trail back to himself.



VinceMr. Q’s chauffeur andright hand man. He also sometimes takes out his Tech-9

and does a hit…


SalSal is Mr. Q’s bestcon man and risk-taker. He and his partner Joey are

often right where the action is in illegal situations.


JoeyJoey is Sal’s not-too-brightpartner in crime. He doesn’t say a lot, but is good

with a pistol.


Side-Arm(aka Prosthesis)

(File Name: Classified)

A career soldier with airborne and special forces

training, Side-arm was permanently disabled when

he stepped on a mine in Southern Iraq. His arms

and legs were replaced with bionic limbs which give

him extra strength and endurance.

Before his accident, he had been a decorated squad

leader and thus was considered the best candidate

for a field

leader for the Pentagon’s new secret team.


limbs are state-of the-art and very expensive.

The reason Sidearm is risked in the field,

is because he is part of

a little-known pilot program to rebuild maimed

soldiers and return them to active combat duty.


Stealth(File Name: Classified)

The daughter of an air force general, Stealth grew

up around the military and dreamed of serving in

combat. Current US policy precludes women from direct

combat duties however. Stealth found herself a way

around these rules. Women are allowed to be fighter

pilots. So she trained daily to become the best in

the southern command. Later, she volunteered (against

her father’s wishes) for test piloting. She was the

top candidate to test the new stealth jetpack. It

was a successful product, but it could only carry

a relatively light load. Many of the male pilots

were too heavy. Stealth was awarded the opportunity

to test her jetpack in combat situations.

Because she feels that she is always trying to prove

herself around men, she has developed a very gruff

“no nonsense” outer shell. She is all business when

on a mission. When she is on a weekend pass though,

she is a completely different girl…


Scorp(File Name: Classified)

Little is known about the man called Scorp.

He was recruited for the Pentagon team from the

CIA, who are not cooperative about discussing his


His large cat eyes, pale albino-like skin and wrinkled

nose-less face make people ask about him but he

never answers. Scorp

rarely talks at all, unless it’s an emergency.

Even when he does, it’s a strange raspy voice

that rarely



than one word.

What IS clear though, is that he is highly skilled

in exotic martial arts of an unknown style.

To compliment his strange fighting style, he wears


knee and elbow blades. He also carries spring

loaded stick weapons that can unfold into a

number of different

configurations. More recently Scorp has gone rogue from the Pentagon Team and dug up facts about his past. Where is he really from? He is still searching for these answers…


Pounder(File Name: LesterJohnson)

Lester served several years in the national guard

as a mess hall server. After leaving the military,

he served as a custodian for a military chemical

research company. It was during this time that he

underwent an amazing transformation. He had weighed

well over 400 lbs. and been barely able to function.

Suddenly he was a huge wall of pure muscle. Of course

the military scientists studied this situation but

their results are sealed.

The result was that he agreed to serve in the military

again, this time in a more active capacity.


MainframeMainframe was a researcher

developing advanced computer systems. Due to budget

reductions, his funding was set to be revoked.

Desperate to prove his projects worth, Mainframe

attempted to transfer the contents of his brain into

a computer.

The transfer was a success, but the electrocuted

his human body. His mind was trapped in a computer..

One of his colleagues developed a robotic housing for

his computer brain, but he was STILL in danger of loosing

his resources. Mainframe convinced the top brass that

he would be an asset in combat situations, so was assigned

to the Pentagon’s new internal response squad.

While on their first mission he inadvertently got his

program transferred into Cy-Boar. His whereabouts after

this incident have not yet been explored.