Check out Flying Ferret!
When I first saw Lou’s comic, I just knew I would love it! He’s got everything I love about comics! A mutant-esque character, cybernetic parts, military conspiracy, and a revenge factor! How could I NOT be pulled into this! And he rewards my readership with more twists and turns (I thought for sure Jill would survive), and a superhuman group to boot (The Pentagon! They deserve their own book!).

Anyway, as a fan of his comic, I wanted to do a tribute. Of course, I started it quite a while ago… six months, maybe more? It should’ve been done sooner, but then that’ the way of things when real life encroaches on your fantasy world.

ANYWAY–again—I thought I’d do a ‘spooky’ version of Cyboar with Zombies, and once Lou read my “issue” he picked up right away on the Bernie Wrightston influence from his The Swamp Thing issues. Not that I’m saying I can draw like Wrightston–certainly NOT! Lou just saw the influence. So, this is my tribute to Cy-Boar. I’ll always be a fan.

I did, admittedly make some mistakes. I should’ve done my research (I forgot Cy-Boar had three fingers, not four), and shouldn’t have drawn from memory. I also messed up Squirrel’s hairstyle, but we can just blame that on the wind and the dampy swamp, right? 🙂

-Doug Curtis 06-08-06