These so called “Hell hounds” are apparently not the brightest genetically manipulated warriors. Sure they have guns and fancy sunglasses, but this is the second time that they have screwed up. In Cy-Boar #1 they caught the scent of a regular boar and Cy-Boar got away, and this time they pounced on the wrong squirrel. I guess that you can’t just screw with DNA and expect it to come out great every time.

In addition to the art from Diana (creator of Antique White House – The Kennedy Tales.) and the image from Jim Stewart (creator of Ganjaman) I now have a third uber-cool image of Cy to share with you! Rhandi Fisher, (the creator of Pride of Life) also came up with something great. A link to his site can be seen on the right of this page in the Affiliate Links section. All of these images will be posted in a week or two, once I finish posting the last few pages of Cy-Boar #2. In the mean time, you should check out their comics!

-Lou Graziani 6-28-05