OK, after those fun images by Jim Stewart, now it’s back to the main story. At the time I drew this story (back in 1992) , I thought that it was a surprisingly unexpected move to kill off two of the supporting characters that I’d just introduced. Looking back at this story now, I’m not sure how shocking it was… These characters weren’t that great anyway….

And then there is the villain… “Cyber-claw”. Why did every character have to be a mutant-cyborg? The feedback I’ve gotten on this guy over the years has been interesting. Some people have thought that he’s really cool. On the other hand, I always think of him as a goofy mix of Wolverine & Ironman, with a little Cyclops and Black Panther thrown it…

This story is rapidly coming to a conclusion. Hang in there!

-Lou Graziani 7-08-05