Well, there it is, the bloody final battle… When I first drew this story (on the back of a folder in high school) I think I must have been running out of room. I think this battle could have been better if I’d had more space. Also, the way Cy wins with a literal “Deus Ex Machina” arm popping out is sort of strange. Didn’t he already know that he had an extra arm?

I guess not…

A few days ago, I started reworking this page for the website and wanted to replace some of the bad art and script that bothered me so much. So, even though this page is not that “great”, I spent a lot of time making it better than it used to be. Let me know what you think of it.

The next page will be the final page for Cy-Boar #2! After that, I’ll post a few days of “Pin-Ups” and guest art before going into Cy-Boar #3!

-Lou Graziani 7-14-05