“What is the deal with this art? It looks weird.”

Here is what happened… After I’d drawn Cy-Boar #1, I wasn’t sure that I’d draw this character any more. So, I went onto other things. I kept this folder with me during the day at school, and sometimes doodled on the cover of my folders. Well, at some point I started drawing little tiny comics on these folders. So, I got the idea, why not a Cy-Boar folder? So, throughout my Senior year, I added a panel every few days to this story. Most of them were about 1×1″. At the end of the year, I had this folder covered on both sides with a story. It was kinda neat, but not something that many people would want to read.

The next year, I began work on Cy-Boar #3 and other comics. So, to make this story more interesting, I used a copy machine, enlarged all of the panels, and reworked this, based on that tiny art.

Most artists know that art looks better when it is shrunk down, not when it is enlarged. So this was a neat experiment to go against that rule.
Here is a sample of the original tiny comic:

OK, here is my new update schedule:
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.
Lets see how that works!

-Lou Graziani 5-24-05