And there you have it! The end of this story. I hope you all enjoyed it. Sure, there are loose ends, and Cy-Boar got a really bad hair cut, but that will all grow out in time for his next adventure.

This next story will be VERY different. Stay tuned. This story won’t even star Cy-Boar. It is called “The Pentagon” and will debut next week!

Today is my birthday! I’m now 32! Damn am I old!
You can tell how old you are by the type of presents you get. This year, instead of toys or even clothes, I got a cell phone holder, an iron, gas cards, a gift certificate and other household items. Sure, they were things that I wanted or needed, but they are not the same as the the excitement you feel as a kid.

Any other presents can be sent to my paypal account. 🙂

-Lou Graziani 10-04-05