So, Cy has finally come face to face with the “evil” hudenpol brother. The one who cut off his tusks a couple issues ago. I’m sure Cy really hates this guy, but can he hold it together long enough for Squirrel to rig up something with his little explosives?

Also, check out the transcript for this page in the script. It ended up a lot different drawn than written. I cut out some good dialog, but the pacing changed so I had to.

Kayla: You guys carry around explosives?

Cyboar: Well, just a few pounds worth.
Kayla, I’ll cause a distraction, while you run back into the elevator and get out of here. As soon as you are out, call our friends at the pentagon for backup. Tell them that this is big and we need backup!.

Cyboar runs out toward the elevator:
Kayla: Wait, how are you going to make a distraction??!

Cyboar stands at attention in front of a couple workers who cant miss seeing him now.
Cy: Mission Accomplished. Awaiting orders!
Worker: oh shit! How did that thing get back here?!?
Worker2: Call the general back here pronto!

Squirrel is climbing the wall

Kayla is slipping into an elevator

A general is scratching his head in front of Cyboar. Another guy is shrugging.
General: How the shit did this thing get back here! Don’t you guys watch the TV? This thing should be DEAD! D-E-A-D!
Worker: Well, it’s here! What do we do with it?
General: Take it over to the smelting area. Maybe they can get rid of the evidence!

Squirrel is climbing up to the ceiling

Kayla is pushing the elevator “1” button.

Cyboar is calmly following some workers while glancing around
Worker: The guys in psy ops are going to be in BIG trouble for programming this thing to come back here! Wow will they get it!

Squirrel is climbing across the rafters in the ceiling

Kayla looks surprised as the elevator “THUMPS” stopping mid-journey.

Squirrel is planting a bomb near a ceiling support
Squirrel: he heh heh