Happy Valentines Day!
This update is not part of the current Cy-Boar tale. It is part of a special Valentines day event called the “Valentines Day Sex Drive”  – essentially an excuse for webcomic characters to take their clothes off and get all naked!!   This event has been organized every year by my old pal north of the border Stef, who draws the comic “Sarah Zero”.

For my drawing this year, I chose those ill-fated mercenary lovers, Scorpianna and Doomfist.
Do you remember them?
Scorpianna explained their short lived romance here:  Doomed Love

And Doomfist was introduced and then killed in this other story, you can read here: Fission Rifle to the Gut

Scorpianna will be back in a new adventure after the current Cy-Boar take wraps up soon.


You will also find links to the other 47 participating webcomics below this post. Visit them all to see their naked artwork as well! Ooh! Naughty!

  • FeraDavy Shirley
  • TDUGNChella Morgan