After working on that fun story “Cy-Boar vs the Templar of God” I needed to try drawing Templar X myself.

Templar X was invented and designed by my online buddy Florentino Santibanez!
Follow him on instagram as @fsantibanez1 #fsantibanez
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This is such a fun character with the big T on his chest, bandages everywhere and the helmet that looks like a cross between Wolverine and 300!

I came up with his color scheme, and could have gone several different ways with it.  I thought about coloring him similar to “Dante” from the Dante’s Inferno Video game.  I also considered coloring him like Cyber-Claw characters in my other Cy-boar comics.

I ended up with this color scheme as a little bit of a reference to “Stryfe” from the 90s X-Force comics.

Anyway this is my “stab” at the character…