Panel 2 shows how Cy-Boar could clip his gun onto his arm. The idea was, that the side of Cy’s arm contained a special connector that would allow almost any gun to be clipped on, and integrated into Cy-Boar’s optical targeting system.

The second half of the page shows the crazy general. This is “General Trevor”. He will be an important character later… (Read about him in the “Dramatis Personae” section.)

In the last panel, I put in a reference to “Taxpayers” in honor of today, April 15th, being the day that we Americans have to send in our annual income taxes. Whoopie…

Cy-Boar was reviewed last week! Check out WEB COMIC CENTRAL to read the short review. Thanks for taking a look, Mindbane.

-Lou Graziani 4-15-05