The page above, which is now page two, was orignally the first page that I drew for this story, back in 1989. So, the artwork isn’t very good… I actually redrew the dog at some point to make it better. The dog isn’t the greatest, but the original one looked like it was crippled… (I’ll have to post it sometime)

Today I added the voting links on the right side of the page. These are links to webcomic directory sites, which are an important way to attract new readers. People who frequent these great webcomic sites are often willing to try out new comics like this one. Sites at the top of their “Top 100” lists are the most popular. So far, my rank is pathetically low. I think somewhere in the thousands. Blegh… I guess that I have to be patient. SO, please stick around and you’ll see this story unfold for a long time.

-Lou Graziani 3-05