As Cyboar, Squirrel and Kayla get closer to the truth, their pals at the Pentagon are having their own troubles.

I normally would have posted this page much sooner, but I’ve been Crazy busy!  I’m sure lots of web-artists post slowly, but I’ve got good excuses.

My son Lorenzo was born on August 7th!  He’s a happy little guy, but I bet I’ll have more time for drawing once he can sleep through the night!

I’ve also been working on iOS game for Apple’s App Store.

Hellbirds is a Pacheco/Pinball type game about little birds being shot into Hell. Check it out for just $0.99

My Stuffy Halloween is a seasonally appropriate game for kids. You can make all sorts of spooky fun characters by mixing and matching body parts. And its FREE!

Happy Halloween everyone!