Support the Hurricane Katrina Victims!
I’m sure you’ve all given to charity by now, right? If not, there are still lots of people in need. The image below was drawn for a “Charity Webcomic Telethon” on another site, but I apparently submitted it too late, so I at least figured I could at least post it here.

Don’t you hate it when you’re just drinking some Chardonet with your daily paper, only to be rudely interrupted by some nut wearing a mech suit and vowing revenge? I know I do…

If you notice, the farmer wields a pneumatic retractable pitchfork and double barreled “fission” shotgun. He’s gotta have appropriate weapons, right?

I’ve added some great links to this site that you’ve gotta check out:

Mozhaets -A great Sci Fi comic with art that puts this strip to shame.
Sentimental Horde -A fantasy strip about some “bad guys” who aren’t very intimidating.

On my links page, you can also find new links to:

FABRICARI – Another comic about cyborgs with beautiful art. If you enjoy Cy-Boar, then you’ll REALLY like this one.
24 and a half Water Street – A well written comic strip drawn in Flash, with a continuing story.

-Lou Graziani 9-15-05