Yep, Razortooth is back.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed Cy-Boar’s shorts… When I first drew this story, I wanted Cy-Boar to end up wearing a loincloth, (don’t ask my why) but I figured, why would government scientists dress their subject in a loin cloth? I figured that these scientists might give their subject normal shorts, but that those shorts might get shredded. This is one of the pages showing how Cy’s shorts get shredded.

Cy-Boar finally made it to the top 10 on a ranking list! On the Lost Dreams Top 10 List Cy-Boar made it up to the #10 spot on Thursday! Thanks to everyone who has been helping Cy-Boar go up in these rankings. Remember, I don’t get money from these voting links or anything. These sites just help Cy-Boar get more exposure.

-Lou Graziani 4-08-05