In panel 2, I originally had a thought balloon. Cy-Boar was thinking, “SO MUCH FOR THE AUTO-LOCK DOORS”. I guess that was OK, but not very interesting. We can see that he’s smashing through the door. Why does he need to think it too? At some point, I realized something important about drawing comics. They are always better if the characters do NOT directly explain what they are doing.

I updated my links page and the links on the right of this page again. Take a look.

I was also accepted in the Eyeskream group. (Notice the screaming eyeball link at the top right of the page) Eyeskream is a small group of webcomic artists that only accepts new members occasionally, so I’m honored that they picked Cy-Boar. So far, they all seem like good guys. I’ll add links to their comics soon.

-Lou Graziani 4-07-05

P.S. This week I am continuing the Thursday-Friday update schedule. So come back tomorrow to see Cy-Boar get tackled…