More ineffective guards on this page… I’d hate to be a guard in almost ANY fiction. When has a guard ever done anything worthwhile? Generally, (in comics, movies, etc.) if you are guarding something worthwhile, you’ll get killed. The more important the thing you are guarding, the more likely that someone will come along to kill you. The best you can hope for as a fictional guard is to activate an alarm before being knocked out.

Someday, I’d like to come up with a comic or video game starring a guard. It could be called “Watch that Door!!”

Another interesting article that backs up the existance of mutant boars:
Hogzilla! No, this is not an April fools thing. It’s just a really big wild pig…

-Lou Graziani 4-01-05

P.S. Let me know what you think about this Thursday-Friday update schedule, as opposed to adding several pages to the site all on Thursday.