Some mutant fighting action here… These snakes look like they might have been tough foes, but apparently, not for Cy-Boar. Why do they use puny little knives rather than just biting him?? Looking back to when I drew this page, I can image that I’d done this scene differently. If I’d shown Cy-Boar being bitten by a venomous snake, it might have been more interesting. (Then he’d have to track down an antidote or something)

He also uses his “Fission Rifle” for the first time on this page. It will incinerate the flesh off of lots of other chumps as the story progresses.

I’ve added another voting link to the site. On the right of this page you can now vote for Cy-Boar on ““.

Also, one of the top webcomic sites now has a listing for Online comics is not a voting site like the others. If you want to support Cy-Boar on that site, you just have to bookmark this site to yoru favorites list. (ANd you only have to do it once, unlike these other sites that need you to keep clicking back.)

Cy-Boar now is crosslinking with another webcomic sites:
Sarah Zer0 — Sarah is a secret agent who is always involved in some danger or other. The art on this site is great. Very unique. I think Stef uses colored pencils. That would take me forever!

Special thanks to these sites!

-Lou Graziani 3-31-05

P.S. There will be another update to this site on FRIDAY! (4-1-05) So come back tomorrow and see Cy whoop on a couple of guards…