That general from the page ten shows up again. Obviously whatever he is doing to these animals is not approved by the politicials. Talking, cyborg animals are not something that the President would want to have to explain to his constituents… You know that the religious types in the “Red States” would never support this kind of research.

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Cy-Boar now is crosslinking with several webcomic sites:
Island Blues — A photo comic featuring stuffed animals and toys. This comic updates almost every day. I don’t know how Derek does it!
Scraps, Napkins & Placemats — A strange sqiggly comic about some sort of squirrel.
Dominion – A comic for “Mature readers” with great art featuring tough guys, guns, blood & swearing.

Special thanks to these guys!
Below those, are also links to a bunch of other comics that I enjoy.

-Lou Graziani 3-24-05