A NEW story starts here!:

After I’d helped organize and run 24HCD events from 2012 to 2015, I really wanted to se if I could more accurately do the challenge in 2016. I wanted to really go into it with NO pre-existing ideas in my head and just make up a story on the spot. One panel at a time, with no planning. I also wanted to draw bigger than I had in previous years, (12”x18”) but to counteract the additional drawing time, I opted to just use do these pages in pencil rather than inking the art. Overall, I was happy with the way the story and art developed, even if I only got nine pages drawn. I would have made it much closer to the 24 pages, but we ended up ending the event after just 12 hours. Even if no one made it 24 hours, we had a great time and drew a fun collaborative comic during the event. These pages sat incomplete on a shelf for many months, until I was finally inspired to return to it and come up with an ending. I hope you enjoy “Made Up Stories”!