Here it is! Another 24 Hour Comics Day effort!

The 24 Hour Comics Day Challenge: To create a complete 24 page comic book in 24 continuous hours. That means everything: Story, finished art, lettering, inking, everything. Once pen hits paper, the clock starts ticking. 24 hours later, the pen lifts off the paper, never to descend again. Even proofreading has to occur in the 24 hour period. No sketches, designs, plot summaries or any other kind of direct preparation can precede the 24 hour period. Indirect preparation such as assembling tools, reference materials, food, music etc. is fine. Your pages can be any size, any material. The 24 hours are continuous. You can take a nap, but the clock keeps ticking. If you get to 24 hours and you’re not done, either end it there or keep going until you’re done. I consider both of these “Noble Failure” Variants and true 24 hour comics in spirit; but you must sincerely intend to do the 24 pages in 24 hours at the outset. — Text from Scott McCloud, creator of this challenge.

After I’d helped organize and run 24HCD events from 2012 to 2014, I really had no ideas for the 2015 event. I just had this vague idea that combining a “Real Estate Agent” and a “Secret Agent” would be “great”… What was I thinking? For a long time, I wished I’d never gone with this idea. It was the hardest comic I’ve ever worked on. Not the art, but the story. Why was real estate interesting? Did I even have an interesting take on this idea? Besides my original concept, I didn’t know what to do with it. And apparently I had writers block or was really distracted or something. After completing only 6 pages in 12 hours I gave this story up and shelved it. After many months, I was inspired to dust it off and come up with an ending. I hope you enjoy it!